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Katana Guy
Or plain sword.  Or whatever it looks like to you I didn't care to check a reference.

Did I mention I have a Patreon?
MacGee's Tattoo
From the backside.


Did I mention I have a Patreon?
...and that hobo that won't leave her alone. What was his name? Alex? Aaron? Oh right, Alphonse.
Johnathan Wilderness
Who lives in a shack in a forest of trees?


I have a patreon!


megrimn's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
I am a comic artist.
I am living the dream.

And then I bought a camera and now I have no idea what to do because everything I touch seems to turn into a new hobby or potential profession oh Lord please halp me decide on something.

Now feast your eyes as I build up a bunch of quotes.

"I do my comics for my own story telling reasons, but I really do want to make my audience experience something good. So my internal motive is the cake, but these readers are the frosting. Cake is a lot better with frosting." --Doug TenNapel

"There are no maps. You can't map a sense of humor." --Terry Pratchett

"...The only rules of composition [the natural world] follows are those of function and chance. Comics, at its best, should do no less." -- Scott McCloud, "Understanding Comics".
The all caps is unecessary, but yes, I am back and here's what's happening, in case there's someone out there still following this for some reason:

I'm considering picking back up Bad Comics.  Megan Morrow has fallen through the cracks for now and I don't feel like dealing with it while I'm looking for a job.  I'm also trying to find work in photography because it will get me out of the house.  I've started a Soul Silver Nuzlocke and I want to incorporate the written narrative with the Emerald Run comic that I forsook some time back, which requires me to pick that back up again, too.  The positive thing is if I do start updating it again, then C F has to pick his HeartGold run up as well, since that was the deal we made a few years ago.  We'll see if he honors it.  

I'm also trying to get in with a newspaper near home - I feel like I could do journalism, even though I graduated with an art degree.  Some part of me likes the sound of it and getting to collab with people for a living would be more fun than breading chicken.  And it would encourage me to get physically fit.

What's provoked this sudden return?  While I've been struggling with my self-worth and not wanting to put effort into something that always has potential to go south, the death and apparent suicide of Robin Williams was kind of the kickstart that got me going.  See, if what I assume about his life is somewhat true, that even though he had a lot and was very successful, he was still unhappy, and that mounted on itself until he couldn't see the light anymore.  What I didn't realize until the last 24 hours is that I've kind of been in that way.  Not suicidal, but just stuck in a vicious circle where I want to do something, to make a difference, but I don't know how.  I've had three different majors, I graduated with a somewhat vague one, no one told me what I should be doing and the things people suggest are things I don't want to do.  I'm miles away from my friends and often feel forgotten because of it.  So I'm turning back to what I know how to do in the interim as a means to get going again, which is comic-ing for funsies and trying to be a positive impact on people and have some hope and joy while doing it.  I'm not going to care what people think about my work as long as it's making an impact.  

ADHD Version: I'm starting comics again, I've been stuck in a rut but I'm getting out.  No more vicious circles. 
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MegaMovieMonday Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi there. By chance do you accept art requests?
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Suuuuure?  What kind of request?
MegaMovieMonday Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well that depends. I have some questions I want to ask first.
megrimn Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2017  Professional General Artist
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